Start Up Institute Grad Launches Full Circle Quilts

Start Up Institute Grad Launches Full Circle Quilts

Catherine Neiley sewing a quilt in her shop
Kathleen Connor Neiley

Kathleen Connor Neiley knew she wanted to return to her hometown and she knew she wanted to start her own business.  She had a background in teaching, coaching and finance, tons of ambition and ideas but she knew she needed more.  “I started searching for entrepreneur courses and trainings and found that the Start Up Institute was in my backyard,” said Neiley.  “I expected to learn what I needed to do from a regulatory and licensing perspective but I got so much more.  What makes a business thrive is if it reflects the passion of what is behind it.  I dialed in to what the company would be and how it would reflect those core values. “

Neiley’s business idea came from a personal experience, one that caused her enough frustration that she wanted to prevent others from experiencing what she had.  Her sister-in-law, who lived across the country, was diagnosed with cancer.  She wanted to provide support and comfort during her challenging journey of treatment and felt powerless to do so.  She decided to build a quilt from T-Shirts of close family and friends that would be a constant reminder to her sister-in-law of the support and love from her friends and family.

On May 24, Neiley launched her business, Full Circle Quilts.  The process is managed completely through the website, where friends and family connect to send their T-Shirts, signed with words of encouragement and love, and design an heirloom-quality quilt.  Sewn by rural employees across Wyoming, the quilts are then shipped to the customer. 

I am really excited that we are able to employ people in our state, utilizing the website and Jackson as our store front. ”

Neiley has utilized every piece of knowledge from the Start Up Institute to launch her business.  A huge benefit was the presentations from various business owners in the community of Jackson.  “They gave us information on their areas of expertise like financial, legal, employee practices and digital marketing.  We were able to consult with people that could help us in our area of business.  They really provided the essential building blocks that helped me put my business together,” said Neiley. 

You can find additional information on Full Circle Quilts at