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Ambassador's surprised by generosity of matched funds raised from the semester

Ambassador’s surprised by generosity of matched funds raised from the semester

student ambassadors hold check

Central Wyoming College student ambassadors were busy helping the community and raising money for the People of Courage fund throughout the year. Just in the spring semester the ambassadors raised more than $2,000; an amount that far exceeded their original goal of $600.

In an interesting turn of events their raised funds were matched by the state of Wyoming Endowment Challenge, resulting in more than a total of $4,000. The ambassadors had decided early in the year to raise money for the People of Courage, an endowment set up to help other CWC students in need. Their originally goal of raising $600 would have helped two students, now the money raised will be able to help more than ten students.

“These students went above and beyond this year. We couldn’t be prouder. ”

Cassity, who stressed the importance of service, let this year’s group choose the cause and fundraising events they wanted to do. The group did six projects to raise funds this semester including a volleyball tournament, craft fair and working concessions during an AAU volleyball tournament. Each student ambassador expressed different events that they really enjoyed doing.

Ambassador Gabby Cappiello, who will graduate this May said last year the ambassadors raised $700 for PAWS; being able to raise more than $2,000 is a great way to leave this college.

“This group has inspired the CWC community,” said Jenna Hague, ambassador adviser.

“I’m proud of us for exceeding our goal,” said Courtney Olson, ambassador.