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Presidential Scholarship Winner: L'anza White

Presidential Scholarship Winner: L’anza White

Grpahic showing L'anza White CWC Presidential Scholarship Winner

CWC is excited to celebrate our Presidential Scholarship winners! We are very proud to have you join the CWC family and look forward to helping you through your college journey. 

Why did you choose CWC?
I chose CWC because it is home to the best nursing program in the state. I am also able to stay close to home and spend time with family. I have always loved the environment of CWC and the “small town” aspect.

What are you Studying?
I am currently in the Nursing program here at CWC.

Where are you from?
Lander, WY

Why have you stayed at CWC and how has CWC impacted you?
I have had a wonderful experience at CWC. I have grown and matured as a person and a student with the help of many faculty and friends. The nursing program has taught me so much about perseverance, hard work, and dedication, and has already been so rewarding. Nursing has always been my passion and I am very thankful for everyone at CWC for helping me make this dream come true very soon.

Favorite thing about CWC?
My favorite thing about CWC is how friendly the staff, faculty, and students are. If I am struggling with anything, I know there will always be someone I can go to. Walking around campus, there is always a friendly “hello” or smile which automatically makes my day!

Future plans once you graduate?
I plan to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing through the University of Wyoming’s ReNEW program. Eventually, I would like to live and work in Montana!