Freshman Year Quick Guide

When a student becomes a freshman, everything starts to “count.”–
  1. Monitor Academic Progress– set realistic academic goals for each term.
  2. Get Involved in a wide variety of activities: most college and scholarship applications ask students to list their high school activities and many ask for evidence of leadership roles.
  3. Select Appropriate 10th grade Courses– In the spring review your four-year high school plan to help select the right courses for your sophomore year.
  4. Summer Activities– A number of colleges have excellent summer programs for high school students, take advantage of them. You can also take a course, develop a hobby, do volunteer work, or you could join an athletic team.
  5. Start a college Savings Account– It is always a good idea to start as early as possible but if you have not yet done so, begin saving for college.

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Beginning your freshman year start keeping a record of "Activities and Awards." The record should include all school and community activities, leadership positions, honors, unique educational experiences, employment, and volunteer work. This information will be very helpful for honors on college and scholarship applications so make sure to update the information yearly.



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