Senior Quick Guide

Senior year is when everything comes together–
  1. Continue to Monitor Academic Progress– students may think their senior grades aren’t important however your high school transcripts are sent to the college you plan to attend.
  2. Set up a Calendar for the year– record test dates, application deadlines, and college visitation days.
  3. Sign up for the ACT/SAT if you have not taken the test or you want to improve your scores!
  4. Complete College Applications in the fall- make sure they are completed correctly, provide information for recommendations; send them in before the deadlines.
  5. Complete Financial Aid and Scholarship application forms– if you are applying for financial aid make sure to complete your FAFSA forms.
  6. Make the Decision– once you have chosen which college you are attending complete the necessary forms. (***Do not choose a college before making a college visit!) 

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At many colleges, freshmen are required to take a math placement test before they register for classes. Students who haven’t taken math as a senior are much more likely to have difficulty with this test.


Senior Year Timeline

SEPTEMBERResearch colleges of interest for application and scholarship deadlines/admission requirements; Ask for letters of recommendation
OCTOBER Write personal essays; Volunteer opportunities
NOVEMBER Have your personal essays proofed; Apply to colleges
DECEMBER Compare colleges; Continue applying to colleges; Scholarship searches; Volunteer opportunities; College visits
JANUARY College application deadlines; Financial aid workshops; Narrow college list; Scholarship deadlines
FEBRUARY College Goal Sunday; Contact colleges regarding applications; Research housing options; Scholarship applications - KEEP APPLYING!
MARCH CWC Scholarship priority deadline; College visits; Complete FAFSA -Deadlines vary by state; Narrow college list down
APRIL Make final decision on college choice/notify that college; Decline others; Accept scholarships; Plan for college registration, orientation, and housing
MAY Write thank you notes for scholarships and to anyone who has helped you with your college process; Check on housing applications; Study for finals; GRADUATION!!
JUNE Send final high school transcripts to college; Attend New Student Orientation/Registration; Confirm  with Financial Aid Office on all awards and federal grants/loans; Obtain college account information
JULY Contact future roommates; Get supplies for college; Gather financial/insurance and essential identification information
AUGUST Confirm dates: New Student Orientation, Housing, and Classes; Pack for college; Move to college; Get involved!


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