Jackson specific FAQs



Where can I live?

  • The painted Buffalo Inn offers semester rates to CWC students.  Contact the Painted Buffalo Inn for more information.
  • The Pony Express Inn offers monthly rates from Oct. - May.  Close to the START Bus, Albertson's, and the library. They also offer free WIFI and have a guest laundry onsite. Contact the Pony Express Inn 307-733-3835 for more information.
  • Jackson Classifieds
  • Jackson Radio
  • Wyoming Craigslist


Do you have housing?
Central Wyoming College, Jackson, currently does not have student housing. We are working on getting housing for our students. It is one of the top priorities of the Jackson campus. CWC has partnered with the Painted Buffalo Inn to offer semester rates for CWC students. Contact the Painted Buffalo Inn for more information.

Other housing options:
The Pony Express Inn offers monthly rates from October-May. (307) 733-3832.

Also look at www.jacksonholeradio.com under “classifieds” and “rentals” or
www.jhnewsandguide.com under classifieds.


Do credits from CWC Jackson transfer?


How much do college classes cost?


Is financial aid available for CWC Jackson students?

  • Yes!
  • Contact the Financial Aid office located on the main campus in Riverton to find out more. 


Where can I get a test proctored?

  • We offer test proctoring right here in Jackson.
  • Check out our testing page for more information.


What classes are offered?

Check out this link



When are classes offered?

  • Classes are offered at various times throughout the day.
  • Online courses are also offered which provide greater flexibility in scheduling.
  • Check the current course schedule to find meeting days and times of current course offerings. 



240 S Glenwood, 

Suite 124

P.O. Box 4795, 

Jackson, WY 83001

Located in the Center for the Arts

Email: Jackson Campus

Phone: 307.733.7425

Fax: 1.800.863.7170


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