Social Science


The social science core curriculum is designed as a two-year transfer program for individuals interested in pursuing four-year degrees in anthropology, history, political science and sociology. Pre-law students are also well advised to consider this program since it offers a diversity of coursework in the norms and culture of society which constitute the legal judicial system under which we live.


In addition, the social science core offers an excellent set of prerequisite courses for the student interested in social work. Upon consultation with an academic advisor, a program may be tailored to meet the specific goals of the social science student.


Associate of Arts Degree

General Education Requirements Credits
Writing Level I (WR1)3
Writing Level II (WR2)3
U.S & Wyoming Constitution (POLS 1000)3
DIV(In program)
SOC(In program)
Program Requirements
ECON1010Macroeconomics (SOC)3
G&R1020Intro to Human Geography (DIV)3
PSYC1000General Psychology (SOC)4
SOC1000Sociological Principles (SOC)3
Program Electives
HISTxxxxAny History Course3
Student must choose 12 additional credits from the following departments: ANTH, POLS, HIST, PSYC, or SOC.12
General Electives: 8

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