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The CWC Ceramics program fits a wide range of needs for anyone interested in ceramics media - from making pots and pursuing a studio career to interests in sculpture and mixed media.  The college has a fully functional studio with a large selection of materials for in-depth study of glaze and clay body calculation, and a collection of kilns to explore several firing processes - from investigations into early firing techniques using simple sawdust, sagger and pit firing processes to computerized electric kilns. 

In addition there are two large gas reduction kilns, a gas fired raku kiln and a cross-draft wood firing kiln which is loaded and fired on a semester basis.  These wood firings are communal events in which a large group of students work together for days to achieve some of the most tempting and spectacular surfaces possible in ceramic.  All students enrolled in any of the ceramics classes are invited and encouraged to participate in these wood firings.

We also invite in visiting artists currently working as professionals in the contemporary scene of ceramics media to give free community workshops, and have many students who travel extensively to workshops and conferences taking advantage of the other great ceramics programs and clay centers in the region. These regional opportunities include workshops given by artists from inside and outside the U.S. and explore ceramics traditions from around the country and around the world.

The CWC ceramics program can also help send serious prospective artists on to many great bachelor's and master's programs as the faculty has long standing relationships with some of the finest in the country.

And for those simply interested in becoming a part of a working craft tradition that has carried for tens of thousands of years, CWC is a great place to begin learning and working in clay.

Instructor Danny Brown has an Associate of Fine Arts degree from Casper College in Casper, Wyo., a BFA from Utah State University in Logan, and an MFA from Wichita State University in Wichita Kansas.  He has studied under some of the most well-known and widely respected artists in American ceramics and his work has been exhibited in galleries across the country.
His classes at Central emphasize a foundation of respect for handmade objects.

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