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Miranda Hosking

General Studies

Miranda graduated from Central Wyoming College in 2015

I grew up around CWC and have always known it to be a warm and welcoming place. ”


Early on, Miranda showed her talent and commitment to learning when she received a student ambassador scholarship from CWC. This unique scholarship is awarded to students who have a combination of good grades, are involved in the community and demonstrate leadership abilities.

Miranda began her educational journey at CWC in early childhood development. A class trip to the Child Development Services in Riverton was an “aha” moment for Miranda.  As she observed clients and how therapy could help them, she was inspired. She set her sights on pursuing occupational therapy. 

 Miranda put together a set of goals to someday get her master's degree from the University of North Dakota for occupational therapy. With the help of faculty like Tara Womack, Miranda focused her efforts on completing prerequisites necessary for transfer.

In the fall of 2015, she transferred to the University of Wyoming, studying kinesiology and health promotions. Miranda is now reaching her goal of one day attending UND; she was accepted to UND’s master entry level occupational therapy program and will start May 23, 2016.

“I’m very excited and nervous. It’s quickly approaching but I’m excited to be studying what I am interested in.”


Future Goals

It will take Miranda three years to complete her master's degree. Her future dream is to work at an elementary school as an occupational therapist.