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Steve McAllister

Associate Professor of Biology

Steve McAllister

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855-2183 Email

Main Campus Riverton:HEALTH AND SCIENCE CENTER 133

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I look forward to seeing students develop intellectually and professionally.”


One of Steve's major accomplishments has been helping to establish the undergraduate biomedical research program at CWC. This program has given many students real research experience at the very beginning of their academic careers. Many of these students have continued to conduct research at the graduate level, entered professional schools, or have become biomedical professionals.  Steve has been at CWC for 15 years.

"I love that CWC is big enough to give students a valuable college experience, but is small enough that students and faculty can get to know each other on a personal basis. At CWC, the faculty know their students by name and the entire CWC organization cares deeply about the success of its students."


Associate of Science, College of the Canyons

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, California State University

Master's Degree in Microbiology, University of Montana