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Sharon Dalton

Professor of Music

Sharon Dalton

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Main Campus Riverton:ARTS CENTER 155

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I enjoy the shared enthusiasm for making music with students and the many moments of discovery that occur as theory is put into practice.”


Sharon Dalton has a bachelor's degree in music education and has worked at CWC for more than 20 years. She is a professional pianist, accompanying district and festival collegiate and high school choirs, vocal and instrumental soloists. She has given private lessons in music for piano, vocal and guitar for more than 35 years and is the music director of a local church. Dalton has brought many great musical events to Riverton such as a madrigal feaste which she founded and directed and the Riverton Children's Choral where she also founded and directed the event. She was also the musical director for the CWC Peck Summer theatre for five years. Dalton enjoys working with the students and tailoring music education to fit their needs while developing personal relationships.