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American Indian Studies

Associate of Arts Degree

Explore the vast history and culture of the native peoples of the North American continent. Emphasis is placed on the tribes of the Wind River Reservation. Central Wyoming College recognizes that the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone elders represent the wisdom of the past. Their knowledge of the tribal traditions should nurture the Indian student who seeks not only education but also wholeness through preparation for the future and respect for the past.

The American Indian Studies program is a tool for that preparation and an affirmation of that respect. The program also offers non-Indian students the unique opportunity to learn in the classroom about tribal cultures first hand in the Wind River area.

Program Requrements



American Indian in Contemporary Societies 3
Indian of the Wind River  3
Nation Building I Governance and Leadership 3
Nation Building II Tribal Resource Management and Econ Dev 3
Intro to Federal Indian Law 2
Cultural Institute 3
Arapaho I or Shoshone I 4
Public Speaking


Choose six credits from any department. 

General Ed. Requirements



Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American and Wyoming Government 3
Arts 3
Humanities 3
Lab Science 4
University Studies 1


The American Indian Studies Certificate II recognizes successful completion of classroom and field course work exploring the history and significance of the American Indian Nations within the large context of American and western U.S. history. 

You will be exploring the regional tribal nations (prehistoric and contemporary) cultures and interaction with the European and Euro-American settlers. 

Certificate II

 Program Requirements



History of the U.S. Indians 3
History of the U.S. West 3
Indians of the Wind River 3
Cultural Institute 3


Students must complete 3 credits from the following:



Intro to American Indian Studies 3
Native American Art History 3
Topics in Native America 1-2
Intro to Physical Anthropology 3
Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3
Native American Art History 3
Geology of Wyoming 3
Geologic Field Excursions 1-2
U.S. History I
U.S. History II 3
History of Wyoming 3
Mormon Migration 3
South Pass & Wind River Basin 3
Topics in History 3
American Religious History to 1865 3
Perspectives in American Indian Life 3