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Alumnus, H. Kenneth Fleetwood brings music and experience to Fremont County

February 26, 2019

Kenny Fleetwood

Music artist and Central Wyoming College alumnus, H. Kenneth Fleetwood will be in Fremont County March 6-8 to share his experience in the music industry. Fleetwood will visit local schools throughout the week and will host a concert in the CWC Arts Center gallery Thursday, March 7 at 7 pm. Tickets for his concert will be $10 for adults and $5 for students and can be purchased or at the door.

“We all know how important a good education is for creating a foundation of success in any post-graduation pursuit. As an extension to that, it's always great to show currently enrolled students a good example of what can be achieved if they finish school and pursue their passion with intention,” Fleetwood said. “As a graduate of both Riverton High School and Central Wyoming College, I'm happy to be that example. The level of success I've achieved in the commercial music industry simply would not have been possible without the fundamental understanding I gained during my time in the Wyoming public education system. I'm so excited to show the students from my old community how far their education and practiced skills can take them.”

Growing up, Fleetwood developed a passion for music. When he purchased his first guitar and began playing, he discovered it was all he ever wanted. In 2008, Fleetwood moved to Nashville where he started a band known as Farewell Fighter and began to see success in his music career.

“We ended up recording three records, doing three national tours, and receiving some incredible reviews from various magazines and websites across the world,” Fleetwood said.

In 2012, Fleetwood decided to make the transition from touring into writing and producing music, specifically for television and film. By 2013, one of his songs was picked up for an international ad for Coca Cola which led to Fleetwood signing with a music agency in L.A. which would help him pitch his music for various ads, tv shows and films. Since the deal, Fleetwood has had his songs in more than 50 placements across the world. Because of these successes, Fleetwood signed with another management company that works to connect him with various artists across all genres where he co-writes and produces songs. Fleetwood released a solo record in 2017.

“One of my biggest goals is to write a song that reaches platinum status,” Fleetwood said, “I’d also like to score an entire film.”

Fleetwood remembers his time at CWC fondly. He credits his time in the recording studio on campus as a turning point in his career which he said is a reason he wanted to come back to the community to help others pursue a passion for music.

I really felt the most electricity when I was in that little room making noise and messing around with instruments. It was during that time that I was able to really experiment with songwriting and put the skills I had learned in class to work in order to cultivate what has ultimately become a successful career in a highly competitive industry. ”

H. Kenneth Fleetwood

Fleetwood who has found a successful career in music in Nashville will visit local schools in Fremont County to share his experience becoming a songwriter and a musician.

Fleetwood will visit Lander Valley High School on March 6 and on Thursday he will be at Riverton High School and Riverton Middle School. On Friday, March 8 the community is welcome to attend music writing workshops at CWC in the music rehearsal room from 5-7pm.

The concert will be at CWC in the Arts Center gallery March 7 at 7 pm. For more information contact Amara Fehring at 307-855-2248.