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Disaster Drill Training Scheduled for May 2 on CWC Campus

April 4, 2018 by Laura Phagan

Nursing students treating simulated patients

Central Wyoming College will have a Disaster Drill on May 2 from 8am-1pm. This Disaster Drill will be an educational exercise for students on campus and will take place near the student center and the health science building.

Nursing students will apply their skills and training from the classroom to a real-life scenario in this exercise.

“The nursing students will be using such skills as assessment, application of the nursing process and allocation of scarce resources in response to a community emergency,” Instructor of Nursing Terry Wilson said.

Other degree programs will also take part in this learning experience. The theater department will create the moulage, which is the art of applying mock injuries. This will help train the nursing students in emergency situations to assess and treat people’s injuries. Theater students will also play the role of victim and utilize their acting skills during the drill. Each actor will have a specific role to play during the event.

The criminal justice students will shadow the Riverton Police Department, who are also part of the drill. Students will observe the actions of RPD during the crisis situation and participate in a debriefing session following the exercise for an after action review (AAR).

Film students will be on location filming the exercise.

This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience working with other degree programs on campus and participating in a collaborative learning exercise. I’m really excited about working with the other students in a real-world situation. ”

Film Student Logan Kay

Local media are welcome to attend the event. There will be a designated area for media to report the drill. Prominent signage indicating to the public that this is only a drill will be placed in the area. This disaster drill is meant to look realistic, therefore CWC wants to inform the community in advance that this is only a drill to educate students.