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Rustler Spotlight: Emily Scheer

April 17, 2017 by Laura Phagan

photo of CWC student Emily Scheer

Emily Scheer is a sophomore and is a nursing student at CWC. She chose CWC because of the program and the high passing rate for the nursing board.

“It was financially a good decisions compared to other institutions,” Scheer said. She will graduate in May and said she was excited to start looking for employment as a nurse.

Scheer chose nursing because she can care for others. “You might be interacting with someone on the worst or best day of their lives,” she said. “Hopefully you can make a difference to them.”

In her free time Scheer enjoys charcoal drawing and running. She was also the previous owner of Global Arts in Lander. She is also the vice president of the Student Nurses Association for CWC.

Scheer was nominated by Debbie McClure, professor of nursing.

She is recognized by the nursing faculty for being a conscientious and committed student employee for our nursing skill and simulation lab. She is very perceptive in identifying needs and works to improve and add value to our work space. This talent is not only beneficial to us but an inherent talent found in nurses, seeking to find the real needs and prioritizing. We also recognize her for taking additional time to work with her classmates in leading study groups, assisting her peers. We acknowledge her dedication and commitment reflected in the CWC student learning attributes of self-directed learning and communication. ”

Debbie McClure, professor of nursing