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December 11, 2017

Rustler Spotlight: April Friday

portrait of CWC student

April Friday is a freshman and is pursuing a degree in addiction studies.

“The big picture that I have is to help my community grow in a positive way,” she said. “Being able to give back and to use my talents to make this a better world.”

Friday’s sister, colleagues, friends and other family members also attended school and she said CWC seemed like a great place to learn and grow. Friday works but finds time to continue her education and enjoys English because it is one of her talents.

“At the beginning I knew what I wanted to do, but being around kids was intimidating,” Friday said. “That went away quickly though because of the energy of the people teaching and learning provided me more energy. I feel more energetic than when I first started.”

Friday said she enjoys all of her professors.

I really like how Maygen Cassity is articulate and how she expresses when she is teaching. Jewel is the same way. They all have a great learning environment, they tend to pay attention to their students. ”

April Friday

Friday was nominated by Cassity, professor of communication who said, “April is a truly impressive student. She sets the example in class with her attentiveness and her participation in class activities and discussion. What I admire most about April is the tenacious manner in which she approaches assignments and all learning opportunities. It is evident that she is vested in her education, and is appreciative of all opportunities afforded to her.”