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October 22, 2018

Rustler Spotlight: Riley Haderlie

A Portrait of Riley Haderlie

Riley Haderlie, a sophomore from Star Valley, will graduate this December with a degree in communication.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do and communication will help with anything I want to do after this,” Haderlie said.

After Haderlie graduates she will teach English in Poland or China.

“A lot of girls in my hometown have done this and I want to travel,” she said. Haderlie will teach for a semester but the program doesn’t have limitations. She plans to go back to another part of the world.

I plan on going again but the second time I want to go as a humanitarian. ”

Riley Haderlie

Haderlie said if you want to go as a humanitarian the first time it’s a little expensive but the second trip going as a humanitarian is free. After she gains her experience working in other countries, Haderlie plans to go back to school at the University of Wyoming or the Utah State University to earn a degree in counseling or social work.

Haderlie was nominated by her communication professor, Maygen Cassity.

“I have had the pleasure of having Riley in multiple classes as she is a communication major,” Cassity said. “Riley never fails to impress me with her insight and thought-provoking questions. Her contributions in class ignite some of the most meaningful and eye-opening discussions. I admire Riley's work ethic and her commitment to her academic success.”