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December 17, 2018

Rustler Spotlight: Eldon Hallett

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Eldon Hallett is a sophomore pursuing a degree in humanities.

Hallett appreciates the ability to learn from a distance with CWC’s online classes. The variety of social classes offered, including American Indian Studies, keep Hallett interested and engaged in the pursuit of his degree. This helps facilitate his career change at this point in his life.

I am disabled, trying out a new career in writing stories of social interest. ”

Eldon Hallett

After graduation, Hallett plans on trying his hand at writing stories for a young adult audience. In the meantime, Hallett will continue to enjoy beekeeping as he has done for more than 60 years.

Hallett was nominated by Professor of Political Science, Jim Thurman.

“As a student in World Religions, Eldon has consistently been the backbone of our discussion forums,” Thurman said. “And this is not the first time that I've benefited from Eldon's outstanding participation in an online class. In addition to his own activity, Eldon interacts well with all other students, and motivates them to greater participation.”