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Rustler Spotlight: Aaron Goldberg

October 23, 2017

portrait of CWC student Aaron Goldberg

Aaron Goldberg is a sophomore studying film and theater. Goldberg pushes himself to participate in class. Some of his courses this semester have significant learning curves and college faculty report that they appreciate his willingness to contribute to discussions in class.

“Most significantly, Aaron is never afraid to ask a question to clarify a topic,” said Jeremy Nielsen, assistant professor of film, movies & digital content. “This desire to learn serves him well academically and will be a very powerful asset in his future.”  

Goldberg is also a Resident Assistant for campus housing and is also the president for the second year of the college’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club. He has done an excellent job in organizing the group to have LBGTQ friendly activities and fundraisers and led a delegation of CWC students to Laramie for the Shepard Symposium on Social Justice, an annual event at the University of Wyoming since 1997.  

This symposium has evolved into a major national conference, seeking to engage participants in discussion and analyses of strategies and actions that can eliminate social inequality.

Aaron’s leadership has been such an asset to our LBGTQ community at CWC. Especially in Wyoming, this community needs to come together and support one another. Aaron has been instrumental in making that happen at our college. ”

John Wood, GSA co-sponsor

“He is driving the GSA club in a positive direction, with new events and fundraising activities on campus to increase awareness for educational justice,” said co-sponsor Deryle Matland. “He leads the club to connect statewide to develop community awareness and is a willing listener full of excitement for life.”