Student Profile: Scott Christoffersen

Student Profile: Scott Christoffersen

Where are you from?
I am from Provo Utah but moved to Riverton back in 2015. This is now where I call home and I love being here.

Why did you choose CWC?
CWC was an obvious choice since it’s in my hometown and also offers a bachelor’s degree in leadership and management with an emphasis in my current career, law enforcement.

Favorite thing about the college?
I really like the people I have been able to attend class with and the staff I have gotten to know. The atmosphere at this school is very friendly and inviting. 

The best thing you’ve learned this year?
That even at 34, working full time and raising a family I can still succeed at school, advance my knowledge and better my future.  

Future plans?
After completing my degree I will advance my leadership roles in my current profession. The skills and knowledge learned in this degree will allow me to not only better my personal leadership but give me the tools to help others grow theirs.