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January 14, 2022 by Tori Stanek

CWC Cosmetology Program Finds a Way to Give Back to the Community During the Holidays

The health science center in the snow

Central Wyoming Cosmetology students put their skills to good use this holiday season. Under the oversight of Instructor Tracy Wright, students provided shampooing and styling services to community members.

Wright said she had successfully found live model volunteers in the past when she posted on Facebook. 

“The response was overwhelming,” Wright said, “so, the week before Christmas, I decided to do it again.”

This time, Wright asked volunteers for a small donation if possible. Both she and the students were overwhelmed by the response.

“My post was shared several times and my Facebook blew up with people volunteering,” Wright said.

In the end, Wright’s students raised $240, and all of the money went toward the two children they selected from the Angel Tree at Central Bank and Trust. Wright said her students wanted to focus on the two names they drew

“Their exact words were ‘we want to spend it all on the two kids. We want them to have the best Christmas ever,’" Wright said.

Two of her students, Kyauna Dearman and Kelsey Parrish volunteered to do the shopping. Dearman said they used the sizes and interests provided on the cards.

“We went shopping based on that information and what we thought was essential,” she said. “There was a boy and a girl.”

Dearman and Parrish’s work impressed Wright.

“They did a wonderful job picking out gifts,” Wright said. “We wrapped them in class and I delivered them to the bank.” ”

Dearman said getting to help with the project was a meaningful experience for her and her classmates.

“It must be hard being a parent and having kids,” she said. “Especially during the holiday seasons. Not only are you giving to the kids but you are also giving to the parents as well.”