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Rustler Spotlight Andrea Engavo

December 12, 2016 by Laura Phagan

portrait of CWC student Andrea Engavo

Andrea Engavo started her education in fall of 2004 in business management and was doing well; making the honor roll and was engaged in all of her courses but in 2006 an operation went wrong causing her to quit school to take care of herself.

It was her daughter who later inspired her to pursue a degree in human services.

“My daughter goes to Community Entry Services and I watched how my daughter was taken care of and I wanted to make sure she was protected,” Engavo said. She enrolled to the University of Wisconsin in human services and it was a class in grant writing for small businesses that rekindled what she had learned from business management at CWC.

“It just awoke my interest in business management and I thought that both degrees would go together,” Engavo said. She found herself back at CWC to find more information about completing the degree she was close to finishing before her operation.

Dual enrolled, Engavo will graduate in the spring with a bachelor’s in human services and will graduate from CWC in business management in a year. She plans to continue her education by pursing a master’s degree in human services.

My true passion is business. I’ve learned a lot of CWC. Scott is a fantastic instructor and I truly enjoy his class. What he brings to the classroom goes beyond the text books. ”

Andrea Engavo

Engavo was nominated by Scott Schneider, instructor of business.

“Andrea is a non-traditional student who continually shows an aptitude for advanced learning and even through some hardship, continues to be an excellent student,” Schneider said. “Andrea is conscientious of cultural differences and always looks for a path of mutual benefit and respect as opposed to difference. She is a great ambassador for her tribe and her dedication to higher education is definitely noteworthy.”