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Rustler Spotlight-Ansonia Bell

October 31, 2016 by Laura Phagan

photo of student of the week Ansonia Bell

Ansonia Bell is a freshman from rural Illinois. She did advanced training in accounting at Job Corp before attending CWC.

Bell is now majoring in photography at CWC and plans to one day have her own photography studio.

“I love to take photos,” Bell said. “I enjoy doing portrait work.”

Bell said she really enjoys CWC and feels comfortable here.

“I know I’ll succeed in anything I do here,” Bell said. “The art department has helped me a lot and I want to thank them for all they’ve done.”

Bell plans to join some student clubs and after graduation she wants to move to Las Angeles where she plans to open a photography studio and be close to some of her family.

Bell was nominated by her art professor Nita Kehoe.

Ansonia is an energetic, smart and creative student. She adds dimension to the art department. ”

Nita Kehoe, professor of art