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Rachel Mitchel Rustler Spotlight

December 1, 2016 by Laura Phagan

CWC student of the week Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell, a Riverton girl, said everything was pointing to Central Wyoming College when she was looking for colleges to attend.

“I was offered a lot of scholarships and it was close to home,” Mitchell said. Now in her sophomore year and double majoring in theatre and English, Mitchell will graduate this May with plans to continue her education and is looking at attending the university in Washington.

“I would like to double major when I continue on and earn a bachelor’s in both,” Mitchell said. Her ultimate goal is to be able to teach both at a high school or to someday be a professor at a college.

Rachel is smart, clear-thinking, hard-working, and remarkably responsible. She is my right hand in all things having to do with the theatre program. I don't know what I will do without her when she moves on next year. ”

Mike Myers

Mitchell said she always loved English; reading and writing essays and when she was a junior in high school she found that English and theatre go well together which led to her path to pursue a degree in both.

Mitchell is part of the advisory board for theatre and in her free time she enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. She was nominated by Theatre Director and Professor Mike Myers