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Flood impacts students; postpones finals for some

May 11, 2016 by Lori Ridgway

students studying in the library

Some Central Wyoming College students have been impacted by the recent flooding in Fremont County, postponing their preparation for finals. The CWC Academic Affairs division recently met to discuss an alternate finals schedule for those students.

In consultation with faculty association president Anne Nez, a plan has been constructed to provide students with two choices regarding their final exams or projects. Students can elect to attend/take the final exam and accept the grade earned, or students can elect to take an incomplete grade until their final test/project is completed. Finals must be completed by May 27, 2016, before the summer semester begins.

Given all the flooding and ongoing cleanup efforts for students and their families, CWC needs a measured, standard response. Not to respond skews final exams and projects to those students who could be more socio-economically advantaged or to those who happen to have gotten lucky. ”

Brad Tyndall, vice president of academic affairs