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Contour Music and Arts Festival in Jackson Organized by Graduates of the Start-Up Institute

June 4, 2015

Beginning on June 11th, the town of Jackson Hole will be enveloped in a celebration of music, culture, the arts and outdoor adventure during a weekend-long festival called Contour Music Festival. The festival is the brainchild of Jackson residents and music enthusiasts Matt Donovan and Jeff Stein. The music lineup will feature a broad spectrum of musical acts ranging from indie rock, to electronica to funk and the talent will be both local Wyoming bands and musicians from across the nation.

“Jackson was the inspiration,” said Donovan when asked where the desire to put on the festival came from. “There are so many cultural and artistic offerings along with endless recreation options. A music festival was one of the only missing pieces.”

The duo attended CWC’s Start-Up Institute last year, using the idea of a music festival as the focal project during the 10 week course. The program, designed by Silicon Couloir and Central Wyoming College, is structured to support the advancement of entrepreneurs. Stein and Donovan used the program to aid in the development and planning of a large scale festival in Jackson. “One of the things we both really saw a lot of value in with the Start-up Institute and having Contour as our project, was it forced us to look at every single angle of the event. It was all about bringing our best ideas forward, breaking them down and restructuring them to make them even better,” Stein said of the program.
Both Donovan and Stein have extensive backgrounds working with music festivals. “Our goal was to create something where people might come and check out some new music they haven’t heard before,” said stein.


                 Jeff Stein

But Contour is unique in that it will not be solely about music – incorporating the arts and outdoor adventure were extremely important components to the organizers. The art side of the event will include an area called the “art garden” where the lawn area of the Center for the Arts will feature different installations of art. This area will be free all weekend. “Contour dirt” will be the outdoor adventure segment of the festival with group mountain bike rides and free mountain bike demos.
“Not only will our community gather and celebrate together, but we have the opportunity to share this with visitors as well,” Stein said. The festival is lucky to have the support of the community and is collaborating with local music venues, adventure outfitters, museums, non-profits and even the local ski hill in addition to national involvements as well.

If it all goes well, the hope is to make Contour Music Festival an annual festival and increase the artistic and outdoor component. “In preparing for an event like Contour, there are hurdles every step of the way. The Start-up Institute was like a coach that readied us for those hurdles, and helped us develop the agility to move right on to the next one in stride.” Donovan remarked.

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