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Beede to play at NCAA School

May 20, 2015

Central Wyoming College athlete Hannah Beede signed a national letter of intent to play basketball for Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas.

Beede, originally from Brisbande, Australia, played her freshman year at Dickinson State University before playing for the Rustlers.

“I wanted to switch to a junior college and Serol offered me a great opportunity,” Beede said. “I decided to switch because I wanted new scenery and a new team. As a freshman at a four year college you don’t see a lot of the court and what coach offered was a lot more playing time; plus it was really cold in North Dakota.”

Beede, who was a shooting forward for CWC, said she is not sure what position she will play at Texas.

“The coach there said that she liked that I am versatile on the court,” Beede said.

Beede has two more years of eligibility and plans to study English and wants to go back to New Zealand where she was born and work on a master’s degree.

“She was a great addition for the year we had her,” Coach Serol Stauffenberg said. “I expected to see her move on; she is a great three-point shooter.”

“I learned a lot here and had a lot of fun with the girls on the team,” Beede said.