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CWC Student Ambassadors' Act of Kindness

January 1, 2014

Ambitious Central Wyoming College Student Ambassadors' surprised community families

who are fighting against cancer with a leaf-free yard and a note that read "Honoring your

fight against cancer – hope this helps. Caring thoughts, from the CWC Student Ambassadors."

Faculty sponsor, Maygen Cassity, stated "We were able to rake leaves for four different houses.

Each house belonged to someone who is currently battling cancer." The students hauled a total

of approximately 60 garbage bags full of leaves from the homes.


The students were brainstorming ways to support community residents in their fight against

cancer and came up with the idea. Sophomores Katie Colter and Philip Gard said, "It was

a really good experience. We were able to help individuals going through a difficult time –

something we couldn't even imagine going through. Even though it was a small act, the people

were so grateful!"


CWC Student Ambassadors: Darlee Blankenship, Kellem Bolton, Gabriella Cappiello, Katie Colter,

Shaylee Cunningham, Philip Gard, Rachel Graham, McKensie Herold, Rachel Hofer, Miranda Hosking, Ian McMenamy, Talitha Trippel, Cassie Warren, Kaitlyn Wells, Dustin Newman

CWC Advisors: Amara Fehring, Jeff Hosking, and Maygen Cassity.