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CWC asking input on co-curricular activities for students

January 1, 2014

CWC asking input on co-curricular activities for students


Central Wyoming College is seeking community input to involve students in activities outside the classroom.

To recognize co-curricular learning experiences, CWC begins offering credit to students who participate in service learning, community engagement, professional experience and cultural appreciation projects next fall and in future semesters.

The college is asking organizations, businesses and community members who may be able to suggest opportunities for students to learn and develop skills through active participation to contact the Center for Student Involvement Office. The goal of the co-curricular projects is to prepare students to be active leaders.

Those interested in engaging students in such projects are asked to submit information regarding the organization, business or position and describe the project needs and requirements.

"We will be able to place students in areas that are of interest to them and in conjunction with the co-curricular courses they are enrolled in," said CWC Student Life Coordinator Brittany Yeates.
For more information, contact Yeates at (307) 855-2260.