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CWC film professor appointed to state film committee

January 1, 2013

Central Wyoming College Professor of Film Jeremy Nielsen has been appointed to the Wyoming Film Industry financial incentive review committee.

Nielsen, who took over CWC’s fledgling film program in the fall 2012 semester, joins four others on a committee that provides financial incentives to filmmakers who feature Wyoming in the plot or credits.

A graduate of the University of Utah Film School, Nielsen believes his role on the committee may improve opportunities for his students to work on film productions in Wyoming. Nielsen’s term on the committee began March 1 and runs through February 2016.

“I am really looking forward to being that much more a part of the film environment of Wyoming,” he said. The committee appointment makes Nielsen more aware of other projects coming into the state.

In past years, CWC’s television and film students have been hired to work on Wyoming production crews of the television shows, including “Modern Family” and the TV reality show with Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa.

“This is an extremely important appointment, both educationally and from an economic development point of view,” said CWC President Jo Anne McFarland.
The film incentive program in Wyoming provides a 12-15 percent cash rebate to projects spending more than $200,000.

Nielsen’s interest in film began at age 14. After graduating from high school, he was able to participate in the Utah Disney/family film boom in the mid-‘90s. In college, Nielsen focused on film production with an emphasis on cinematography.

He co-produced the award winning film Twice Today, which won “Best of Show” honors from the Reel to Real Film Festival.