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CWC Lander restructures delivery of Adult Education/GED programs

January 1, 2012

Central Wyoming College’s Lander Center is restructuring the delivery of its GED program by offering instruction in a seven-week block with classes scheduled each morning Monday through Thursday.
Registration and assessment for the first session, which begins Sept. 4 and runs through Oct. 19, is now through Aug. 31, said instructor Scott McGowan. Students need to bring a photo ID to registration at the CWC Lander Center, located at 427 Main.
Following on the success of the program at CWC’s Riverton campus, students wishing to complete their high school equivalency exam at the CWC Lander Center must now enroll in the more structured program rather than work at their own pace.
“It’s the complete opposite of the way we used to run the program," Director Kathy Vincent said, explaining that students in the past could come in when they wanted. “Anymore, it’s not just about getting your GED. It’s to prepare students for college or the workforce.”
There is a $25 fee to participate, which gives students access to student services, such as the library or counseling, as well as student activities. Students will not be denied entrance to the program because of their inability to pay.
At the Riverton campus, CWC has been offering the structured GED sessions twice each semester for more than two years. Instructors in Riverton have seen the value in the managed enrollment because students “buckle down” and are able to complete sooner. The structure makes the students more accountable and successful, said Riverton instructor Jennifer Kellner. She also said it prepares the participants for the demands of employers or the rigors of college.
In the first session in Lander, students attend class Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon and are encouraged to come in in the afternoon and evenings to work independently in the lab.
CWC has also set aside money in its scholarship program specifically for GED students who wish to transition on to college.

For more information, contact McGowan by calling (307) 855-2337 or email: Lander GED.