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Arts Council issues call for art in new CWC building

January 1, 2012

The Wyoming Arts Council’s Art in Public Buildings program is issuing a call for artists for the Central Wyoming College Health and Science Center in Riverton. This is a national call for proposals with a deadline of Nov. 30, 2012.

Central Wyoming College has a standing history of nonrepresentational public art projects on campus. Therefore both traditional and nonrepresentational themes are appropriate. Themes for art proposals for the Health and Science Center may include references to the region’s cultural and natural history, the geological timeline, education, the natural sciences, health care, health sciences and the environment. Artists are encouraged to consider incorporating sustainable and recycled materials in their compositions. Proposed concepts should not be structural in nature or impact the architectural integrity of the facility.
The college’s service area encompasses one of the largest American Indian populations in the United States. Both the Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone reside on the Wind River Indian Reservation, one of the most geographically isolated regions of the West. There is also a significant Hispanic population in the area. Central Wyoming College provides a great many residents of these communities the opportunity for post-secondary educational services.
The Art in Public Buildings Project Committee has identified several potential installation sites. The exterior plaza on the north side of the building is the primary outdoor location. On the interior, the two expansive upper gallery wall surfaces of the West Lobby/Gallery (east and west wall surfaces) are the primary locations. Additional locations include the recessed radius rear wall of the auditorium, the two large niches of the West Lobby within the open balcony light wells, the secondary East Lobby/Gallery and the associated balcony light well and stairwell shaft, and the wall spaces between the classroom doors of the main east-west building corridor. Any work proposed for the exterior plaza must take into consideration the environmental extremes of the region, especially temperature fluctuations and wind force.
All styles, conceptual approaches and mediums are encouraged. Proposed artwork should enhance the architectural elements and visually extend the presence and purpose of the Health and Science Center, melding art, science and education. All proposed artwork must be durable, structurally sound, secure, site appropriate and easy to maintain.