Caterer Information


A large, fully functioning , kitchen located in Fremont Hall is available to licensed caterers.  Commercial equipment includes large refrigerator, convection oven, gas stove, grill, large sink and dishwasher, prep counters, hand washing sink, and an ice machine.  Please contact the Sinks Canyon Staff for additional information and kitchen availability.




Robot-coupe 12-cup coffee pot1
Counter top oven1
Microwave oven2
Hot plates3
Rival hot pots2
Four slice toaster3
30-cup coffee pot1
30-cup hot water pot1
100-cup coffee/water pot1
Portable kitchen fan (Wind machine)1

Pots & Pans


Fry pan (small)3
Fry pan (medium)1
Fry pan (large)2
Sauce pan2
Kettle (medium)2
Kettle set (sm, med, lg)1
Oven tray (17" x 25")3
Tea pot1
Chafer (9 qt. rectangular)3
Chafer (8 qt. round)3

Dinner Ware


Coffee Cups23
Dinner Plates89
Pasta bowls32
Soup bowls46
Cup saucers36
Dinner knives37
Dinner knives (In storage)48
Steak knives95
Soup spoons37
Soup spoons (In storage)17
Tea spoons (In storage)65
Long handle ice cream spoons24
Forks (In storage)20
Salt/pepper shakers10 sets




8 pc. Cutlery1 set
Prep knives3
Serving ContainersQty.
Plastic pitcher7
Colander bowl (plastic)1
Colander bowl (metal sm,med. Lg.)1 set
Lg. metal serving bowls2
Lg. punch bowls (plastic)2
Pyrex baking dish (Anchor Hocking)1
Plastic cutting boards3

Cooking Tools


Can opener (hand)2
Potato peeler3
Metal measuring cups2 sets
Measuring spoons1 set
Cooking spoons (metal)4
Cooking spoons (wood)4
Cooking spoons (plastic)4
Wood rolling pin1
Spatulas (metal)2
Flour sifter1
Metal scoops61
Ice Cream Scoop1
Cooking prongs3
Oven mitts4
Plastic trays3
Weight scale (Taylor brand)11
Dish strainer1
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