ESL Spring 2014

Class Descriptions


Levels 1&2
This class will introduce basic grammar structures and everyday vocabulary that will help beginning English speakers interact better with people in the workplace and in the community. Each unit will incorporate interactive speaking, listening, and reading activities, as well as workbook exercises. Songs, holiday activities, and civics lessons will also be integrated into the course.
Levels 3&4
This class will explore multiple advanced ESL texts based on the needs and desires of the students. The foci of this course are: developing fluid conversational skills, improving reading comprehension, and applying advanced grammatical constructs in students’ writings. Holiday activities and civics lessons will also be integrated into the course.
Distance Learning is for students who are unable to attend regular classes, and also for enrolled students who want to learn more English outside of class. Students are required to attend a 3-day training in order to learn how to use the computer Internet program. Students can make an appointment to do a one-on-one training with the instructor if the schedule doesn’t work in order to enroll in Distance Learning.

Distance Learning Training
In the required three-day Distance Learning Training, students will learn how to:
Distance Learning Class
Students will use the USA Learns website to learn English on the computer. The ESL website is very interactive with videos, matching activities, games, and typing exercises. Students will have a goal of units to complete each week and are required to e-mail their instructor after completing each unit.
*Students are required to complete a training before being admitted into the class.



240 S. Glenwood Ave, ESL Room #305
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Arts Building)

Jackson, WY 83001
ESL Office:
(307)734- 3429 
Email: Jackson ESL


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ESL Program

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