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Do you need an enrollment verification?  Perhaps a letter of acceptance for the upcoming semester.  Or would you like to allow your parents or partner access to your records?  Please read below. In accordance with FERPA*, Central is prohibited in disclosing student education records without written consent from the student.  How does a student give specific consent for release of educational records? The student can complete a 'Release of Information' form giving specific consent to the disclosure of the student's education records. The release needs to be dated and signed and must describe the records, the purpose for the release, list to whom the records can be given and a time for how long the release is effective. A faculty member should have a student sign a release before providing a job reference or a reference for the student for certain academic purposes, such as scholarships or awards. The job reference is one area where faculty often forget to obtain a written release. The Registrar is the college official responsible for keeping all official academic education records. Only the Registration & Records Office may release an official transcript. All requests for education record information originating from outside the college should be directed to the Registration and Records Office.

*FERPA is an acronym for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. 1232g, 34 CFR § 99). Congress enacted FERPA, also referred to as the "Buckley Amendment," in 1974. FERPA conditions federal educational funding on providing student access to, and maintaining the privacy of, education records. Faculty, staff, administrators and other college officials are required by FERPA to treat education records in a legally specified manner.
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