Junior Year Quick Guide


Junior year is when you should begin examining your college options–
  1. Continue to Monitor Academic Progress– since most applications are completed in the fall of a student’s senior year, the last grades on a student’s transcript are usually the junior year.
  2. Get Involved in activities that develop leadership skills.
  3. Consider taking the PSAT/NMSQT test for practice, comparison, and scholarship opportunities.
  4. Explore your College Options– there are over 2,000 four-year colleges and Universities in the U.S. when looking for the right college try to consider the following:               *Location    *Majors/Programs/Activities    *Reputation    *Campus Size   *City Size   *Admission Requirements   *Cost/Financial Aid   *Environment
  5. Make sure that you register for the ACT and/or the SAT in early spring:                          ACT: (American College Test)- this is a college entrance examination that students generally take during their junior year. Students receive scores in English, Reading, Math, and Science, as well as a Composite score. There is also an optional Writing Test. (Currently this is given state wide in April for all Wyoming High School Juniors)                SAT: (Scholastic Assessment Test)- this college entrance exam has three sections– Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.
  6. Make College Visits– visiting a campus gives you a great feel of what college life will be like there.
  7. Make sure to Take the right Courses for your senior year– fulfill all high school graduation requirements.
  8. Look for Scholarships– most scholarship applications need to be completed during the first half of a student’s senior year, so start looking for possibilities as a junior.
  9. Update your “Activities and Awards” Record.
  10. Meet with your high school counselor to Discuss College Plans.
  11. Help choose Meaningful Activities for the Summer months– look into volunteer work in a field related to your intended major.
  12. Narrow the List of college choices
  13. Establish a permanent e-mail address to use when communicating with colleges
  14. Continue to put money into your college Savings Account.

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Visit with GEAR UP staff about how to prepare for the ACT test. The third in a series of college readiness tests designed to help students increase their academic readiness for college that is funded through the Wyoming Department of Education.
Once you’ve identified a college that you’d like to investigate further, call the admissions office and ask to be placed on their mailing list.

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