Sophomore Year Quick Guide

During your Sophomore year work hard, get involved, and start to identify your abilities, aptitudes, and interests–
  1. Continue to Monitor Academic Progress– stay on top of your grades and check in regularly with teachers. 
  2. Get Involved in a variety of school activities and continue to work on leadership skills.
  3. Sign up for the PLAN test– (this is a practice test for the ACT) the PLAN measures the same academic skills as the ACT as well as an evaluation of your interests and study skills.
  4. Consider the PSAT/NMSQT– this is a national test that is administered by high schools in October. Though this test is primarily for juniors, many sophomores take it for practice.
  5. Explore and discuss College Options– Gather information, go to college fairs, and make informal visits to colleges. Think about aptitudes, interests, and abilities in terms of possible college majors.
  6. Select Courses for the 11th grade– In the spring review your four-year high school plan, and make sure you select the most appropriate courses for your junior year.
  7. Plan Summer Activities– choose meaningful activities for the summer months. If possible, look for activities that relate to a career field that you are considering.
  8. Update your “Activities and Awards” Record– At the end of the year, add all sophomore activities, awards, etc. to the record.
  9. Add money to your college Savings Account.

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Visit with GEAR UP staff about how to prepare for the PLAN test. The second in a series of college readiness tests designed to help students increase their academic readiness for college that is funded through the Wyoming Department of Education.



College graduates, on the average, earn $1 million more in a lifetime than high school graduates.

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