Money Network Enabled Discover Debit / Student ID Card

The Money Network Enabled Discover Debit / CWC Student Rusty ID card can serve as both your CWC Rusty ID card and as a debit card that your financial aid disbursements can be applied to.  All students MUST go to STEP 1 and choose a disbursement / payment method. Failure to complete this process, could delay disbursements of federal student aid (grants & loans), scholarship, and other disbursements NOTE: If your CWC accounts receivable (what you owe) exceeds your expected disbursement, you will not have funding available to use on your card or transferred to your personal bank account. Your CWC bill MUST be paid in full before you will receive any disbursements.


Step 1:  For all FIRST TIME USERS who do not have Student ID

Choose Your Disbursement / Payment Method

  1. Go to to get enrolled.
  2. Click on "Enroll Now". Then click "Next".  To verify your identity you will need to provide your name, address, CWC student ID number, date of birth, and your CWC e-mail address. (If you don't know or remember your student ID number or e-mail address, contact the Financial Aid Office 307-855-2274, M-F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm).
  3. Follow the prompts to select your disbursement option.  You can choose to have your disbursements applied to either:
  • MONEY NETWORK/DISCOVER CARD DEBIT option - selecting this option would transfer the disbursements to your Money Network Discover Debit card on your expected disbursement date. After selecting this option, click "Continue".  Read through the Terms and Conditions (must scroll down to the bottom), and click on "Accept" to continue.  Next, go to STEP 2 (below) and follow all instructions to create your User Login & User Password and "Activate" the Money Network Discover Debit card. Distance education students: If you choose the Money Network/Discover option, you will need to contact Center for Student Involvement at (307)855-2260 or 1-800-865-0194 for further information about obtaining the new Money Network ID card.


  • ACH TRANSFER option - selecting this option would allow the college to transfer the disbursements directly to your personal bank account (can take a few extra days).  If you choose this option, you will be asked for your name, bank name, bank routing number and bank account number.  Once you have saved and submitted this option, you are done and can log out.   If you would like to ‘change' your previously selected option, go to, log into your account, under My Account - select My School Funds. If choosing the card option, be sure to "activate" the card (instructions below).

Step 2:  Get you student id card, create login & password and Activate Card Money Network Card

  1. Go get your Money Network ID card. Once you are issued your new Money Network Discover Rusty card you need to wait 24 hours and then go to  Click on "First Time Users: Register Now" under the sign in prompt.  You will need to enter the 16-digit Money Network Account number on the front of your Rusty Card and the expiration date.  Click "Enter".
  2. To verify your identity you will need to provide your name, address, CWC student ID number, date of birth, and your CWC email address. (If you know or don't remember your student ID number or e-mail contact the Financial Aid Office 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, M-F at 307-855-2274).
  3. Call 1-800-822-4283.  Follow the system's prompts to create your 4-digit PIN which you will need to make PIN debit purchases, ATM withdrawals, and to access your Account online or when calling Customer Service.

How to use your Money Network account
You can use your Money Network Discover Debit card at any merchant that accepts Discover cards.  Please note that your card will have a shiny silver holographic magnetic strip for Discover purchases and a black magnetic strip (CWC Rusty ID) used for housing access, bookstore or vending machine & food court purchases.


Signature Debit Purchase: PIN Debit Purchase:

1.    Swipe the Card at the cash register PIN pad.

1.  Swipe the Card at the cash register PIN pad.
2.    Select "CREDIT"2.  Select "ATM/DEBIT" and enter 4-digit PIN.
3.    Sign for purchase.3.  For cash back, select "CASH BACK".
4.    No card transaction fee will apply.4.    No card transaction fee will apply.


ATM Withdrawals
To avoid withdrawal and surcharge fees, you should look for In-Network ATM's with the Allpoint Logo.  We have one Allpoint ATM here on campus located next to the food court in the Student Center.  Local locations that have an Allpoint AMT are Loaf N Jug in Riverton, Loaf N Jug in Lander, Safeway in Lander and Loaf N Jug in Jackson.  You can Google Allpoint ATM locations or download the Allpoint App on your smart phone for easy access to locations in your area. Note that your daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500.


Write Checks
Use Money Network Checks to pay bills or write yourself a check to access funds available in your Money Network account.  Follow the following steps to write a check.

  1. Check your balance over the phone or online to ensure you have sufficient funds available.
  2. Write the date and the dollar amount on the Money Network Check (see example 1)
  3. Write a name where it says PAY TO THE ORDER OF.  To pay a bill, write the company or person's name.  To cash the check yourself, write your own name.
  4. Call the number on the back of your card (1-800-822-4283) to access your account.
  5. Select the MONEY NETWORK CHECK option.
  6. Use the keypad to:
  • Enter the CHECK NUMBER and DIGIT (See example 1).
  • Enter the amount you wrote on the Check without the decimal point and press "#" (See example 2- $41.35 would be entered as 4 1 3 5 #).

7.  Write the ISSUER NUMBER and TRANSACTION NUMBER provided by the automated phone system (See Example 1). Your finished check should look similar to Example 2.


Please note that your finished check will be deducted immediately from your account. You can call customer service (1-800-822-4283) to request more checks.  Walmart will cash Money Network checks for free up to $5,000.  For more details on how to cancel a check, refer to the terms and conditions or contact customer service.


Track Your Balance

There are several ways to access your account balance for free.

  • Online. View account balance by logging into your account at  You can set your account up to send you notifications, such as:
  1. Text Message Alerts: You can sign up to receive a balance notification text message to cell phone – sent daily or weekly.
  2. E-Mail Alerts: You can sign up to receive an e-mail balance notification daily or weekly to your CWC e-mail only.
  • The Money Network Mobile App.

o    Create Username/password
o    Set Security Balance
o    See Transaction History
o    Locate Free ATM's
o    Locate Free Check Cashing Locations
o    Set-up notifications for balance, Deposits, ATM withdrawals.

  • By Phone:  Call the Customer Service number, log in and select the option to hear the account balance.
  • ATM machine:  Check your balance at any Allpoint AMT.

What to do if your Mondy Network card is LOST or STOLEN:
If you lose your card during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), contact the Center for Student Involvement for a replacement ID (MH 107, (307)855-2260) and call Money Network Customer Service (1-800-822-4283) within two days of losing your card.  If you don't report your card lost or stolen within two days you may be liable for any fraudulent charges that may occur.  There is a $15 replacement fee for your second ID and $25 replacement fee for replacements thereafter.  Your Money Network account balance will be sent automatically from your lost or stolen card to your new card when you activate it.If you choose to upgrade your card for more features additional replacement fees may apply.

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