Research Tutorial


Begin your research

  1. Discover more about your topic using Google (note how names, places, other things are spelled).
  2. Using the correct spellings, search library database CREDO (searches hundreds of reference books simultaneously).
  3. Use ebrary to find electronic books. Create a login inside ebrary to keep track of your personal bookshelf. 
  4. Use Wyldcat (library catalog) to find books CWC owns. 
  5. Use Wyldcat to find books owned by other libraries to borrow using Interlibrary loan. (You'll need your library barcode #)
  6. Find a database or two that fits your subject (choose from the subject list menu on the left). 

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Research A-Z
Scholarly Vs Popular Periodicals: What is the Difference? (courtesy of Northwest College)
What is a citation-Giving credit where credit is due (courtesy of Northwest College)
Evaluating the Quality of Your Sources (courtesy of Casper College)
"Research Roadmap" (from Humbolt State University through Creative Commons
Citing with MLA (Purdue's OWL) 
Citing with APA (Purdue's OWL)

Using Research Sources
How to use the Library Catalog (Wyldcat)
  1. WyldCat Part I
  2. WyldCat Part II
  3. Renewals - Coming Soon
  4. Course Reserves
  5. Interlibrary Loan 

How to use Databases

Databases 101 (courtesy of Northern Wyoming Community College District)
Sample Academic Search Premier search This one-minute video shows a search on autism limiting by full-text, academic journal, date and subject. Turn volume up to hear narration. 


Search tips:  1. Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) give the computer specific directions about what you want, whether you are using the internet, databases or the online catalog (WYLDCat).


For example:
Rock AND Roll gets you Mick Jagger
(hint: the more search terms used with AND the fewer the results)

Rock NOT Roll gets you geology
(hint: use this to clean up your results if you are getting too many unrelated things) 

Rock OR Roll gets you geology (rock) and hot cross buns (roll).
(hint: using OR will get the most results, but there are often so many it can turn into a fishing expedition. Useful if you don't know exactly what you are searching for.)

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