Housing FAQs


Are apartments only for married students?

No. The Apartments are designed as typical apartment complexes. With one and two bedroom apartments, there are three rates available: private, split-private (2 bedroom only), and roommate living. Every attempt is made to maximize occupancy by assigning roommate living first and private apartments are only assigned after all roommate options are explored.


Are CWC students required to live in campus housing?

No. Freshman students who live on campus are required to live in the Residence Hall or Mote Hall as space permits.


Are the apartments furnished?

Yes the apartments are furnished with beds, dressers, tables, ovens, refrigerators and chairs. You will need to bring your own cooking supplies and dishes.


Are there connections to a computer network in campus housing?

Mote Hall and Residence Hall are fully wired for each student for direct connection to the Local Area Network on campus. Mote Hall also has a four-station computer lab open to all Housing residents and there is a single computer station located in each of the dayrooms of Residence Hall – these are open to any Housing student and can be utilized on a 24-hour basis and provide all access that most labs on campus allow. There are also direct computer connections to the college computer system in the Apartments, one per apartment that can be shared by all residents. All computer connection costs are included in rental payments.


Are there convenient laundry facilities at CWC housing?

There are laundry facilities provided in each of the complexes, on a pay-per-load basis. A local vendor maintains these machines.


Are there kitchen facilities in campus housing?

There are kitchens in the apartment complexes, stove top ranges in the Residence Hall, but there are no kitchen facilities in Mote Hall. Residents of Mote and the Residence Hall are required to participate in the declining balance Full Meal Plan, which gives students the flexibility to budget their semester food purchases in the Food Court. Located in the Student Center, the Food Court serves three meals on weekdays and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Students may also use their declining balance meal plan to purchase snacks and beverages throughout the days' Food Court hours. The Food Court is closed over some College holidays and College Vacations. All Food Court debits must be used within a semester or they will be forfeited.


Can you get cable television service in housing?

Full cable television is provided, included in rent payments, in each of the apartments and in each room of the Residence Hall, as well as to each room in Mote Hall. The options include basic, expanded basic, and HBO. Students may contact the local provider for further options, at their own expense.


Do you need to provide your own cleaning supplies?

There are vacuums available for checkout in the Hall complexes (not the Apartments), but all residents are encouraged to bring their own, as well as all other cleaning materials, e.g. mop, broom, cleaning fluids, etc.


How does one apply to live in campus housing?

Full time degree seeking students who wish to apply for campus housing should apply and pay their deposit on-line. Both the application AND deposit must be on file to be considered for campus housing. The deposit is refundable up to two weeks prior to classes starting.

Is one complex less expensive than another?

Yes. Mote Hall, opened in 2002, is more expensive than the Residence Hall, but the private apartments are more expensive than Mote Hall. Think of it as “the more privacy I have, the higher the expense.” The cost of living in an apartment depends on whether you share a room or an apartment. View Housing Rates.


Is there a damage deposit or reservation fee?

Yes. A refundable $100 damage deposit is required. There is also a $125, per year, non-refundable renovation fee.


Is there a place to purchase food or drink at campus housing?

There are soft drink vending machines in each of the complexes, and snack vending machines located in the Residence Hall and Mote Hall. Students may also purchase snacks in the Bookstore and the Food Court during regular hours.


Is there any additional storage for housing residents?

There is storage room for bicycles in all complexes, but on a limited basis.

Is there parking at housing and is there a charge to park?

Parking is provided for each of the complexes and parking permits are provided free of charge at the Housing Office. There are external electrical outlets for plugging in vehicles on a first come, first serve basis.


What are the features of the Residence Hall?

The Residence Hall is a more traditional complex, with double occupancy rooms and more communal living. Each bedroom has two extended twin beds, an end table, and a built-in desk/closet/dresser for each student. If you have special furniture needs, please contact the Housing Manager. Each room has one  internet connection to campus per person, and one cable TV connection per room. There is a lounge for every 12 students, furnished with couches, loveseats, chairs, a coffee table and cable television, as well as a DVD/VHS player. There are also several study tables with chairs, as well as a small counter area with a sink, microwave oven, and stove top. The bathroom, also for every 12 students, is just off the lounge, within 15 feet of the bedrooms, and includes a double vanity sink, double toilet, and double shower. Housing can provide a small refrigerator for your room at $40/semester, on a first-come first-serve basis, or you may bring one, as well as any other small appliances you may fee you need and can find space for. No open burner hot plates are allowed.


What types of housing complexes are there at CWC?

There are three styles of complexes at CWC Housing ? the Residence Hall's traditional style, Mote Hall's suite style, and traditional apartment complexes. The buildings are primarily made of brick, wood, and drywall. While Mote Hall is quite new, they have all had extensive renovations over recent years, including new roofing, increased security lighting, new carpeting/vinyl flooring, and external renovations, as examples of just a few improvements.


Can I use a Hathaway Scholarship at an out-of-state school?

No. The intent of the scholarship is, in part, to encourage students to pursue their education in Wyoming with hopes that they will consider pursuing a career here when they are done. While the Hathaway Scholarship isn’t available to use out-of-state, students who attend an out-of-state school may come back within the two year time period to an in-state institution and begin using their scholarship. The student will have lost the equivalent amount of their scholarship however. For example if a student goes to an out-of-state college and transfers to UW after one year (two semesters), and the student meets Hathaway eligibility requirements, the student will receive a remaining six semesters of their Hathaway Scholarship (merit and need).

I graduated prior to 2006. Do I qualify for Hathaway Scholarships?

Sorry. The legislation that established the scholarships indicated the scholarship begins with the graduating class of 2006. Students who completed high school in December 2005 are officially part of the class of 2006. These students do qualify beginning in the Fall of 2006.

I took the SAT and not the ACT, can I be considered?

At this time your SAT score can be converted to an ACT equivalent for consideration

Is there a need-based component to the scholarship?

Students qualifying for the merit portion of the Hathaway Scholarship may also receive additional funding if they can demonstrate an unmet financial need. The amount of need-based award students may receive will be determined from a review of the information received by the college or university from the results of the family filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the federal government.

What if I am going on a mission or am going in to the military?

The Hathaway Scholarship can begin to be used no later than two academic years after you graduate from high school. Exceptions may be made for extended military service or religious sojourns. A process for these exceptions is being developed by the Wyoming Department of Education at this time.

What if I want to enroll at a community college first and then transfer to UW?

Students who receive an Opportunity, Performance or Honors Hathaway Scholarship, may use them for four semesters at a Wyoming community college and then transfer to UW. Recipients must maintain a GPA for their level of Hathaway Scholarship.

Who qualifies?

The Hathaway scholarship is intended to make higher education affordable for Wyoming residents. While completion of a success curriculum in high school will be required, the specifics of a success curriculum are still being debated, but should be decided this next year. For the interim, eligibility for the merit portion of the Hathaway scholarship will most likely be tied to the students’ high school grade point average and ACT or SAT score for degree seeking students, and students’ WORKKEYS scores for technical certificates and/or applied science degrees.

Consistent with its mission to value diversity and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect, Central Wyoming College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its educational program services or activities. The college makes reasonable accommodations to serve students with special needs and offers services to students who have the ability to benefit.
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