Cost of Attendance

A Cost of Attendance (COA) budget is a budget of reasonable expenses you may incur and represents the maximum amount of federal aid funding you may receive while attending CWC.  It is not the actual bill from the school for a student’s education.  The Financial Aid Office develops the budgets for each academic year.  The inflation rate and expected increases in all categories of included expenses are taken into consideration.  In addition, the Department of Education has established guidelines that are followed in calculating allowable educational expenses.  The COA includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses. The following budget amounts are averages.  The amount a student actually spends, except for tuition, fees, and books, is up to him/her and depends on the lifestyle chosen.



              Sample Budget for 2013-2014 Academic Year


Resident  Living w/Parents Living off campus Living on Campus
Tuition/fees $2568 $2568 $2568
Books/supplies  1000  1000  1000
Room Board  2800  5650  5829
Transportation  1000  1000  1000
Personal Expenses  1000  1500  1500
  __________ ____________________
 Total $8,368 $11,718 $11,897
Non-Resident   Living off campus Living on Campus
 Tuition/fees  $6360 $6360
 Books/supplies   1000  1000
 Room Board   5650  5829
 Transportation   1000  1000
 Personal Expenses   1500  1500
 Total  $15,510 $15,689


WUE  Living off campus Living on Campus
 Tuition/fees  $3504 $3504
 Books/supplies   1000  1000
 Room Board   5650


 Transportation   1000  1000
 Personal Expenses   1500  1500
 Total  $12,654 $12,833


The information on this page was accurate at the time of publication. 
Information is subject to change without notice. 3/13


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