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Auto and Welding
Several different options for study 
Auto and Welding


    Central Wyoming College's welding program is designed to give the graduate an entry-level background for employment in jobs featuring different aspects of welding. The student will receive hands-on skill building in welding processes. The student has three choices for students: you may receive a credential, a certificate or an Associate of Applied Science degree.
        The Credential program features a student's choice of 12 credits of welding courses along with completion of the Freshman Seminar course.*
    The Certificate program features a concentrated, complete welding program consisting of oxyacetylene, arc, MIG, GTAW, and pipe welding.
    The AAS program features a complete welding curriculum with emphasis in welding inspection, business management and physics.

Automotive Technology

Credential • Certificate • Degree
    Automotive Technology is the field of study dealing with diagnosis, service, and repair of automobiles and light trucks. Classroom work involves a knowledge of general principles, as well as specific product information. Laboratory work emphasizes a hands-on orientation with extensive training on live vehicles. In all cases, courses are oriented toward high levels of technical understanding, current developments such as computerized electronic control systems, the development of the student's diagnostic capabilities, and proficiency with recommended service procedures.
    In addition to specific technical training, supporting courses provide growth in interpersonal skills and other skills needed to advance within the automotive industry.
    Two basic programs are offered in Automotive Technology:
1.    A certificate offers students the option of gaining basic skills for entry level employment in the automotive industry.
2.    The Associate of Applied Science program is a comprehensive two-year program including technical coverage of the entire automobile and general education courses.
    Although it is normally advantageous to complete one of the specified programs, students may elect to take an individual course or courses to meet their particular needs.
One course of particular interest is power sports maintenance which focuses on motorcycle, ATV and snow machine maintenance and tune-up procedures. Instructor Dudley Cole, a former manager of a power sports outlet, is familiar with the employment opportunities for trained technicians.

Auto Parts Specialist

    This program provides the student with a unique opportunity to acquire a working knowledge of the replacement parts industry. The curriculum is designed to incorporate various business procedures and sales techniques related to the replacement parts industry. In addition the program has sufficient flexibility so that students are able to choose between an Associate of Applied Science program in either management or outside sales or a certificate program in over-the-counter sales. For the AAS programs, students may select from two choices: Auto Parts Management or Outside Sales Parts. The certificate program is designed for students interested in Counter Parts Sales.

Auto Parts Management develops skills important for success in supervising employees and in operating a small business. Students are prepared in counter sales, auto parts nomenclature, heavy duty parts, engine controls and sensors, inventory control and small business practices.  Students selecting this option must take the required courses in addition to the general education courses.

Outside Sales Parts develops skills important for the success of outside sales. The program emphasis is on selling techniques including both counter and outside sales techniques.

Counter  Parts Sales is designed to develop skills important for the success of over-the-counter sales. The program emphasis is on sales techniques and knowledge of the parts industry.

Please check the CWC catalog for details on specific courses required, or visit the college website.

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