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Zach Tanner
Outdoor Education Major

Mikki Moriarity
Business Admin/

Physical Science


Zach is from Franklin, Tenn, although he was born in Colorado. He’s very active in CWC’s Outdoor Club and is currently serving as president. The 20 year old has been enrolled at CWC for about year and half. He also serves as the activities representative for both the Climbing Club and Archaeology club. His hobbies include rock climbing, skiing, hiking or anything that involves the outdoors. Born and raised in Cheyenne, she claims the Wyoming winds blew her to Thermopolis for six years prior to coming to CWC to study Business Administration and Physical Science. She is also involved with Student Senate and several clubs on campus. Mikki has been an RA for four semesters and will be graduating Spring 2012. She plans on continuing her education studying chemistry and business.
Emma Scott
Pre-health Major
Bethany Boyd
Biology Major
Cody Emrick
Radio/TV Broadcasting
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Emma rode and trained horses competitively in Show Jumping and Dressage for the past 13 years. Besides riding horses she enjoys rock climbing, dance and playing soccer. She speaks fluent German and would love nothing more than becoming a surgeon!Bethany is a graduate of Wright High School. As a biology major at CWC, she hopes to pursue a career in prosthetics after completing her studies.  She loves to travel and be outside but mostly just likes hanging out with friends and family.A graduate of Sundance High School, Cody has been dedicated to getting an associate’s degree in radio/TV broadcasting at the end of the Spring 2012 semester. He plans to attend the Disney College Program in California this summer. He says he enjoys being with people, having fun and sports as a player and spectator.
Jamie Beesley
Social Science/Nursing
 Jonathan Rasbach
Outdoor Recreation
Family obligations brought her to Riverton and she says the amazing nursing program at CWC has kept her here. She plans to graduate with a degree in social science as well as a degree in nursing. She been an RA for campus housing for seven semesters and has thoroughly enjoyed working with and meeting amazing people through this opportunity. She plans to return to Las Vegas after graduation. Jami hopes to work with pediatric patients and expand on her current training and experiences in the acute care setting. Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Cedarville University (OH) and earned his teaching credentials through a graduate program at Anderson University (IN) He moved to Wyoming after four years of teaching high school history and government in Michigan.  Upon completing his associate’s degree at CWC, Jonathan hopes to start his own outdoor guiding ministry, in which he can combine his love of the outdoors and his passion for teaching and helping youth discover the life for which they were created



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