Kaitlyn Tracy-Eaton, left and Kali Howe, team up to return the ball. Photo by Brittany Rose

Kaitlyn Tracy-Eaton

Kaitlyn Tracy-Eaton
Kaitlyn Tracy-Eaton
Major: Elementary Education
Parents: Kristine and Kevin Tracy
Hometown: Syracuse, Utah
Why did you choose Central Wyoming College?
I chose Central Wyoming College because it was close enough to Utah, but far away enough to be on my own. I explore a lot of options, but I received the best offer here and I liked the town. Also, I enjoyed how friendly the people are here.
How has your experience been at CWC?
I have learned a lot being here at CWC. My volleyball has improved. I enjoy the classes and I have met a lot of great people. Overall, I have had a great experience.
What has been your greatest memory here?
My greatest memory would just be spending time with my teammates. The games, road trips and hotel stays. Those are things you don’t forget.
Photo by Terance Oldman
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