Moments in History


Coach: Tony Masters
Bill Horn, Joe Sova, Leroy Hinkle, John Cristando, Tom Wells, Fred Campbell, Joe Lynde, Les Drake, John Gillespie, Glen Hoyer, Sam Sturman, Ken Burns.


Coach: Tony Masters
Joe Sova, Matt Coffey, Sam Sturman, Bill Horn, John Cristando, Gordon Medow, Fred Campbell, Phil Bevan, Steve Peterson, Larry Manchester.


Coach: Tony Masters
John Ball, Greg Barber, Mike Gasser, Rob Kindle, Gary King, Mike LaPeyre, Dave Long, Will O'Neal, Lynn Stewart, Mike Thorsby, Dan Weems, Otto Wells; manager Bill Dorn.
Lynn Stewart earned the CWC Hall of Fame in 1972-73.


Coach: Tony Masters
John Ball, Larry Crouse, John Detimore, Bob Frederick, Paul Holloway, Arist Kalivas, Rob Kindle, Gordon Maxson, Jim Salanky, Rick Thedinga, Lynn Stewart; manager Bill Dorn.
John Ball signs with Chadron State (NAIA) at the end of the1974 season.


Coach: Tony Masters
Roster: Dwayne Morris, Jerry Antelope, Steve Hoagland, Mike Moore, Thane Yennie, Paul Brecht, Dick Quayle, Jeff Salanky, Ken Shultz, Phil Smith, Tim Wyrick, Ken Jones, John Wimzie.

*Dwayne Morris “Tilt” originally from Covington, KY was a three-time all conference at Holmes High School where he led that team to the Kentucky state tourney his senior year. Morris was named to the All-Empire conference team and was named MVP and team captain for the Rustlers during his last season. (University of North Dakota-Full ride ’81)



Coach: Tony Masters
Roster: Dick Quayle, Anthony Williams, Phil Smith, Ken Jones, Steve Hoagland, Ken Shultz, Joe Pehanick, Greg Hawley, Eric Jacobson, George Babel, Howard Evans, Paul Brecht.

*Dick Quayle was ranked 8th among all junior college players in the nation. He shot 70% from the floor.
*Steve Hoagland signed to Southern Utah State College-NAIA.


Coach: Art Baker
Roster: Scott Quayle, Ed Kasper, Brian Miles, Matt Carlson, Joe Pehanick, Scott Baker, Greg Hawley, Chris Kawlak, John Cheney, Lynn Williams, Anthony Williams, Boyde Patrick, Eric Jacobson, Howard Evans, Bob Goodenough, Steve Hall.

*Anthony Williams and Scott Baker were named WCCAC (’81).
*Scott Baker and Art Baker are brothers.
*Coach Tony Masters resigns.


Coach: Bin Graefe
Roster: Mike Shultz, John Cheney, Chris Kawcak, Steve Browning, Tony Turner, Scott Quayle, Ed Kasper, Matt Carlson, Mike Marshall, Pete Lungo, Steve Thomas, Eric Schmidt, Brett Sheen, Sonny St. Clair, Jeff Andre.

*Four CWC Cagers are among those ranked among the regions top scores, rebounders, and free throw shooters: 1) Turner, 2) Carlson, 3) Kasper, 4) Marshall.
*Tony Turner signed to Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX. He is also ranked 16th in top scorers and 2nd leading rebounders in region.
*Ed Kasper leads region in free throw shooting and signed to Dome, Nebraska.
*Steve Browning signed to Chardon State.
*Matt Carlson was among the Top five scorers in the region, seventh in rebounding, and among the leaders of free throw shooters. He now is hoping to make it as a walk on at the University of Wyoming.
*Mike Marshall in the Top 5 scorers in region.
*John Cheney signed to Adams State.


Coach: Bin Graefe
Roster: Bill Andre, Mark Carlson, Steve Thomas, Marcus Johnson, Rich Millay, Lars Flanagan, Terry Carter, Troy Graefe, Mike Graefe, Mike Marshall, Adam Simental, Sonny St. Clair, Jeff Andre.

*Mike Marshall signs to Kansas University. He was the fourth leading scorer in Region IX all conference.
*Steve Thomas signs to Panhandle State.
*Jeff Andre signs to Black Hills State.
*Troy Graefe signs to Northern Colorado.


Coach: Bin Graefe
Roster: Lars Flanagan, Bruce Gaitor, Mike Graefe, Irvin Holley, Tony Hult, Grant Johnson, Marcus Johnson, Rich Millay, Tom Murphy, Raymond Polk, Randy Roden, Sonny St. Clair.

*Lars Flanagan signs to Dickinson State in Dickinson, S.D.
* Bruce Gaitor signs to Idaho State University
*Mike Graefe signs to Idaho State (All-Region guard)
*Bruce Gaitor and Mike Graefe were both elected to the 83-84 all region IX team
*Sonny St. Clair signed to Valley City College
*Rich Millay signed to Idaho State
*Tom Murphy signed to Mesa College
*Marcus Johnson signed to Eastern Montana
*Tony Hult signed to Black Hills State.


Coach: Bin Graefe
Roster: Kirk Wise, Adam Simental, Irvin Holley, Blane Gillard, Robert Johnson, Jeffery Hudson, Ray Polk, Bruce Brawner, Darryl Lofton, Matthew Dunn, Erik Graefe, Tyrone Robinson.

*Adam Simental is a member of the all-region IX team.



Coach: Bin Graefe
Roster: Robert Johnson, Randy Roden, Charles Beck, Craig Broderdorp, David Davis, Erik Graefe, Paul Hult, Willie Doyle, Chris Linder, Randy Wynne, Richard Christian, Marvin Nelson.

*Robert Johnson signed with Rutgers University in New Jersey.
*Randy Roden signed to Oregon Pacific University (86-87 NAIA Division)
*Coach Bin Graefe coached five years at CWC and now is moving onto Kansas where he has accepted a coaching career there.


Coach: Bin Graefe
Roster-: Shon Schroefel, Anthony Jenkins, David Simental, Chris Uhls, Mark Wagner, Chris Linder, Troy Minch, Roy Burt, Craig Broderdrop, Robert Coombs, Keith Hayes, Erik Owens, Derrick Stuckey.


Coach: Mark Hubbard
Roster: David Simental, Anthony Jenkins, Keith Hayes, Bob Coombs, Derrick Stuckey, Ryan Roden, Neil Mattinson, Vance Peterson, Terrell Mckenzie, Eddie McCall, Dwayne Moore.

*Bob Coombs signed to Bethany College of Lindsborg, KS.
*Derrick Stuckey led CWC in rebounding last year and was second in scoring.


Coach: Mark Hubbard
Roster: Bill Pickett, Vance Peterson, Mark Wagner, John Portis, Freddie Darrough, Isaac Baker, Dwayne Moore, Harvey Johnson, Neil Mattinson, Marc Dolan, Mike Mann, Eric Cheers, Milton Trosper, Mark Hicks.

*Neil Mattinson signed to the University of Wyoming.


Coach: Mark Hubbard
Roster: Aaron Base, Ron Wright, Casey Hines, Steve Nurse, Aaron Manning, Mark Hicks, Daryl Fullerton, Scott Jaggi, Charles Robinson, Stacey Welsh, Randy Baker.

*Dennis Vandenbos- Assistant Coach
*Bill Pickett- Assistant Coach
*Rick Martin- Student Trainer/Head Equipment manager


Coach: Mark Hubbard
Roster: Owen St. Clair, Casey Hines, Aaron Brase, Scott Jaggi, William Watkins, Steve Nurse, Mike Erikson, Kirk Martin, Aaron Manning, Fred Ward, Brian Swanson.

*Casey Hines passed the 1,000 point mark in the CWC career and became CWC’s unofficial all-time leading scorer with 1,048 points. He was also named to the all-academic team with a 3.79 GPA.
*Aaron Brase, Scott Jaggi, and William Watkins were also named to the WCCAC all-academic team with a 3.67 GPA, 3.44 GPA, and a 3.33 GP.
*Steve Nurse was named to the WCCAC All League Men’s Basketball Team. 
*Head Coach Mark Hubbard was named coach of the year.


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