Central posts home victory against Dawson


(Jan. 19) After a slow start on Saturday, the Rustlers racked up a 10 point lead to end the first half, 39-29. They used that lead to post a victory, 79-52. The Rustlers were lead by Tanner Newbold (14 points) and Davion Pearson (18 points, 4 assists.)
Points: Pearson 18; Newbold 14; Flannigan 14; thomas 12; Tademy 8; Bak 3; Beaty 3; Phouthavong 3; Burns 2; Hudson 2.

Rebounds: Tademy 8; Thomas 6; Beaty 3; Bak 3; Hudson 3; Flannigan 2; Newbold; Wiggins.

Assists: Pearson 4; Beaty 4; Newbold 2; Phouthavong 2; Tademy 2; Thomas; Nemelka; Flannigan.

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