The Wyoming Legislature established a scholarship fund for Wyoming students to attend a Wyoming community college or the University of Wyoming. The legislation provides merit and need-based awards to eligible students to help them attend. The scholarship honors the late Governor Stanley K. Hathaway.


Two Easy Steps to Apply

If you are eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship, you must:

  • Apply to Central Wyoming College online CWC Admissions (No Fee) Application.
  • Send your most recent high school transcript with GPA and ACT scores to:

Central Wyoming College

Financial Aid Office

2660 Peck Ave

Riverton, WY  82501


**Please Note:  CWC does not require a separate Hathaway application.



Qualifying for the Hathaway Scholarship at CWC

Four levels of the Hathaway Scholarship are available to students at CWC:

  • Provisional Opportunity 
  • Opportunity
  • Performance
  • Honors
Hathaway Scholarship Levels and Eligibility Requirements
 Provisional OpportunityOpportunityPerformanceHonors
Merit Award Amount$800/semester$800/semester$1200/semester$1600/semester
Eligibility criteria:
Minimum HS GPA (cumulative)
or minimum GED of 500
or minimum GED of 500
or minimum GED of 540
or minimum GED of 575
Minimum ACT Score
(or a cum. score of at least 12 on applied math, reading for information and locating information on WorkKeys test)

Success Curriculum


2014 and 2015

2016 and beyond

Length of Award


Equivalent of first 4 FT Semesters at CC
Additional 4 FT semesters of eligibility available:
(1) for a second certificate/degree at a CC if the Student earned a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA; or
(2) for second degree at UW if the student earned a minimum 2.25 Cum GPA & admitted to UW
(3)pursuing a BAS degree at UW after earning an AAS degree; must have worked a minimum of 2 years.


Equivalent of eight full-time semesters. Certificate or degree program at Wyoming community college or degree program at UW. Initial four semesters can be either at CWC or UW; the last four semesters can only be used at UW.

Continued Eligibility Requirements
Minimum College GPA (cumulative
Complete 12 credits if full-time; six credits if part-time. 
Enrollment Status Enrollment for at least two semesters per academic year
Eligible Schools Wyoming Community College
Certificate or Degree Program
University of Wyoming
Degree Programs
Certificate or degree program at Wyoming community college or degree program at UW. Initial four semesters can be either at community college for a maximum of 4 semesters can be used at a CC or UW; the last four semesters can only be used at UW
Need Award Amount ** 25% of annual unmet need., $100/semester minimum award. $750/semester maximum award.100% of annual unmet need. $100/semester minimum award. Total unmet need is maximum award.


High School Curriculum Requirements:

The Wyoming Department of Education requires that a student complete the following courses in high school:

English/Language Arts4 years
Social Studies3 years
Science4 years

4 years

Foreign Language2 years


In addition to the successful completion of the above courses, beginning with the 2016 high school graduates, students must complete two years of fine and performing arts OR two additional years of foreign language OR two years of career-vocational education. 

For more information concerning Hathaway Success Curriculum, visit the Wyoming Department of Education website or


Additional Eligibility Requirements

Must be Wyoming resident, according to the following criteria:

  • Students who graduate from a Wyoming high school
  • Students who are Wyoming residents but graduates from an out-of-state high school or high school in another country are eligible for Hathaway under the following conditions:
  • The student attended an eligible high school in Wyoming at some point during their high school education.
  • The student's custodial parent or legal guardian was a Wyoming resident at the time the student applied for a Hathaway scholarship, as well as a Wyoming resident during the time the student was attending an eligible high school in Wyoming
  • The student's absence from the state was due to the custodial parent's or legal guardian's employment or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of the parent or guardian.
  • The student, or the student's parent or legal guardian must not have claimed residency in any other state or foreign country during the time the student was attending high school in the other state or foreign country.
  • Student whose custodial parent or legal guardian is in active military service and maintains Wyoming as their domicile state.


Home Schooled Students
Students who are home schooled may also qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. Award levels for these students are basted on ACT scores only. These students must meet all other eligibility requirements other than GPA. 


GED Students
If you attended a Wyoming high school, did not graduate, took the GED, and your equivalent high school class has graduated, you may also qualify for a Hathaway Scholarship. Below are ACT and GED score requirements for Hathaway Scholarships. Students below a 550 GED do not qualify for UW admission.

Provisional OpportunityMinimum GED of 500, and minimum ACT of 17
OpportunityMinimum GED of 500, and minimum ACT of 19
PerformanceMinimum GED of 540, and minimum ACT of 21
HonorsMinimum GED of 575, and minimum ACT of 25

GED students wishing to qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship Program must have taken the GED after April 1, 2006. 

Part Time Students
Part-time students taking 6 to 11 credit hours per semester also qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. These students receive their eligible award in an amount proportionate to the hours they are taking.

All other eligibility requirements remain the same for part-time students.


The following students do not qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship:

  • Students who are incarcerated.
  • Students who are in default or owe a refund on the Title IV or other federal or state education loan.
  • Students who are eligible, but have not complied with the United States Selective Service System requirements for registration.
  • Students who have been convicted of a felony (appeals can be heard through the Wyoming Department of Education.)
Eligibility Window

Equivalent of eight full-time semesters, a maximum of four which can be used at the community college level with the balance to be used at the University of Wyoming.  Student eligible for Hathaway Provisional Opportunity must use the first four semesters at a Wyoming community college.

Students must apply for the Hathaway scholarship within two years of their high school graduation date and enroll by the following fall semester.  GED applicants must have attended a Wyoming high school and must apply within two years of their high school class graduation.  

Calculating Hathaway Need Awards

Students qualifying for the merit portion of Hathaway Scholarships who have completed and supplied the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), may qualify for additional need-based Hathaway Scholarship monies.

"Unmet need" is calculated in the following way:

CWC Cost of Attendance

Less: Estimated Family Contribution (determined by FAFSA)
Less: Hathaway Scholarship merit award per year
Less: Grants and Scholarships awarded to student
Less: $2,000
= Unmet Need

Qualifying students will receive a percentage of this unmet need based on their eligible scholarship level.

Provisional Opportunity25% of unmet need
Opportunity25% of unmet need
Performance25% of unmet need
Honors100% of unmet need


(This information is based on currently proposed legislation and is subject to change.)

Consistent with its mission to value diversity and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect, Central Wyoming College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its educational program services or activities. The college makes reasonable accommodations to serve students with special needs and offers services to students who have the ability to benefit.
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