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Expedition Science

Associate of Science Degree

If you enjoy adventures in the outdoors and are curious to learn about the interactions of flora, fauna and the environment, consider the Expedition Science degree program. The program is provided through a unique partnership with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

You'll have the opportunity to combine wilderness experiences provided by NOLS with a rigorous science curriculum offered by CWC. The wilderness experience courses are designed to develop skills and attitudes consistent with NOLS philosophies on environmental awareness and conservation. This program is excellent preparation for leadership careers in natural resources and environmental science. 

This degree is designed for transfer to the University of Wyoming or other four-year institutions granting degrees in many areas of natural science. While employment in entry-level scientific and technical jobs are possible with an AS degree, most careers in environmental science require advanced degrees.

The core of this program is a combination of courses taught through NOLS. Students choosing to take a NOLS semester course for CWC credit must concurrently enroll in a selection of courses at CWC. As an alternative to the NOLS semester course, students may enroll in any of the courses listed under program electives. No more than 16 credits of NOLS courses may be used toward graduation with this degree. Consult the CWC course catalog for more information, or contact us! 

Program Requirements

Course Credits
Environmental Science 4
Natural Hisroty of Regional Ecosystems 4
General Chemsitry I 4
General Chemistry II 4
Outdoor Education & Leadership 4
Environmetal Ethics & Mgmt 4
Earth System Science 4
College Algebra 4



Students must choose a minimum of six credits from the following courses:

Course Credits
General Biology 4
Chemical Problem Solving I 4
Chemical Problem Solving II 4
Physical Geology or Environmental Geology 4
Wilderness First Responder OR Wildenress EMT 4


General Ed. Requirements

General Education requirements provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Arts 3
Communication 3
Humanities 3
Personal Finance Planning 1
Physical Education 1
Freshman Seminar 1
Wellness 1


Students must complete 2 credits of Co-Curricular general education courses throughout two of the following different Co-Curricular areas: 


Course Credits
Co-Curricular Cultural Activities 1
Co-Curricular Community Engagement 1
Co-curricular Professional Experience 1