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Equine Studies
Equine careers in Horse Management and Horse Science
Equine Studies
  • Pre-Veterinary General Studies
  • Horse Management     • Horse Science
  • Equine Training Technology
  • Farrier Science               • Teaching Riding
Equine Studies
The CWC Equine Studies program is a good start for students who are interested in pre-veterinary general studies, horse management, horse science, equine training technology, farrier science or teaching riding.

The Facility

    The Central Wyoming College Equine Center is located approximately one and a half miles from the main campus at Gasser Road and North 8th West.  The indoor arena is 80 feet x 250 feet and the outdoor arena is approximately 130 feet x 300 feet.  There are also two round corrals, one inside and one outside.

    There are ten indoor stalls, 23 covered outdoor stalls, and 33 outdoor pens.  In addition to classes, the arenas are used for judging activities, horse shows, a variety of clinics, and rodeo practices.  The arenas are also available for open riding for students between classes during the day, and during scheduled times on weekends.

Types of Classes
     The types of classes offered in the horsemanship program include horsemanship, English and Western; individual studies in beginning to advanced classes in both English and Western;  colt breaking and training; stock horse use and showing; showmanship and pleasure riding; and training for competitive events such as roping, barrel racing, and pole bending.  Also included are courses in farrier science, horse production, equine facility management, and equine nutrition.

Equine Studies

    Students interested in pursuing a career in equine science may choose a program in Horse Management or Horse Science.  The  Equine Science program at Central Wyoming College is a progressive program geared to give students a means of full- or part-time employment.  The horse industry is a $15 billion per year industry with more than 30 million people over 12 years of age riding every day.
     Graduates of the Horse Management curriculum earn the skills necessary for management and operation of horse production, training, boarding and sales facilities, including equine and business aspects.
     The transfer program in Horse Science is intended for those pursuing equine studies at a four-year institution.  Areas covered include scientific approaches to horse production, horsemanship, training, exhibition and care.
     Graduates of CWC's programs are employed as trainers of barrel horses, roping and working horses, managers of horse facilities, breeding operations and stables; and owners and operators of breeding, training and teaching stables.
     There are employment opportunities in other horse-related industries. Approximately 350 equine magazines, journals and newsletter are printed—more than any other special interest group.  It is estimated that $9 billion is spent annually on feed, medial care and services for horses; and horse sports annually draw 110 million spectators.


    Boarding fees are $450 per semester and are to be paid to the Business Office prior to horses being brought to the facility.  The boarding fee includes high quality  hay cubes and bedding. Horse check-in corresponds with student housing check-in.

    All horses will be assigned stalls prior to arrival.  In order to better facilitate your needs, please inform us of your intended arrival time so that we can have someone here to assist you in settling in.  At the time of arrival, students will be advised of feeding schedules and other pertinent horse care information.

    All horses are required to be vaccinated against viral rhinopneumanitis, influenza, Eastern and Western encephalomyelitis and tetanus.  Vaccinations for distemper and Potomac Horse Fever are highly recommended.  Horses are also required to be wormed on a regular basis.

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