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Why does my son/daughter need to complete a FAFSA and why do you need the parent's income information?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the central element in the federal student aid application process. To apply for all federal (Title IV) student aid, including parent PLUS loans, the student must complete and file a FAFSA. Information collected on the FAFSA is specified by the Higher Education Act (HEA). FAFSA data is used to confirm, through the use of database matches with various federal agencies, whether the student meets certain student eligibility criteria and to compute the student's expected family contribution (EFC)


For most programs, need is determined by the following:
Cost of Attendance - Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

Cost of attendance is a budget of reasonable expenses the student may incur and represents the maximum amount of federal aid funding the student may receive while attending CWC. The COA includes such things as tuition and fees; books and supplies; room and board; personal expenses (such as clothing, laundry, and recreation); and transportation. The amount a student spends, except for tuition, fees, and books, is up to him/her and depends on the lifestyle chosen.

Expected Family Contribution
is the amount of money the student and his/her family are expected to contribute to the student's education. It's based on the student's dependency status, the family's size, income, assets, expenses, and the number of family members enrolled in college or trade schools.

The financial aid office at Central Wyoming College will look at the student's financial need, considering first any other aid the student is expected to receive, and prepare a financial package for the student in the form of an award letter.

CWC Admissions Office
Administrative Wing AW160
Email: Admissions


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